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5 Jobs in Tech that Don’t Require Tech Skills


Are you on the hunt for a job? Have you ever wondered which jobs you would be qualified for? Well sometimes job opportunities aren’t as they seem. As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover!
In the tech industry, there are people who are responsible for building hardware, software and other components that go into the products being sold. These people surely need specialized skills that can help them engineer and design such products. However, there are many other non-tech components that go into making these types of companies successful. In order to sell products, services and grow a business, it takes a team of people with all different skills and titles.

If you’re someone who’s interested in the idea of working at a tech company but you don’t have any coding or tech-engineering experience, no worries! Here is a list of 5 of the most popular non-tech jobs that tech companies look to fill and what these roles are typically responsible for.

Sales Representative

Roles include:

    • Present, promote and sell a product (or service) to customers
    • Establish, develop and maintain business relationships with customers
    • Contact leads through cold calls and email communication
    • Be able to achieve predetermined goals such as a sales quota
    • Coordinate with team members and other departments to acquire leads

Locations with the highest pay: Washington, D.C.; San Francisco; Boston; New York; Seattle; Houston

Marketing Manager

Roles include:

  • Develop, implement and execute a marketing strategy in order to attract potential customers and retain existing ones
  • Understand both traditional and emerging market channels
  • Think creatively and innovatively
  • Forecast and identify trends and challenges within a specific market
  • Coordinate with team members and other departments

Locations with the highest pay: San Francisco; Houston; Seattle; Portland; Austin

Creative Director

Roles Include:

    • Manage the company’s creative process from beginning to end
    • Translate marketing objectives into clear creative strategies that can be applied
    • Work closely with a variety of project teams (particularly IT)
    • Oversee client pitches, proposals, profitability, deliverables, timelines and budgets

Locations with the highest pay: San Francisco; Seattle; Boston; New York; Portland

Business Analyst

Roles Include:

  • Demonstrate good written and verbal communication
  • Understand systems and engineering concepts
  • Conduct cost/benefit analysis along with other analytical reports
  • Establish leadership and coordination with coworkers

Locations with the highest pay: San Francisco; Seattle; New York; Los Angeles

Human Resource Manager

Roles Include:

  • Maintain the company’s staff by establishing a recruiting, testing and interviewing system
  • Counsel existing employees throughout their employment and conduct exit interviews/analysis
  • Plan and recommend benefit programs (to the management team) based on evaluating and assessing needs and trends
  • Monitor and implement human resource federal and state requirements

Locations with the highest pay: Houston; Seattle; San Francisco; Chicago; New York; Boston

Next time you’re looking for a job, explore all of your options and don’t let a tech company intimidate you. You never know what great opportunity lies behind a job application.


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