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5 Interview Questions to Ask Sales Reps

Allie Kelly

Do you need help choosing which interview questions to ask sales reps? We get it.

Use these 5 questions to quickly understand the type of salesperson sitting across the table from you.

1. What was/is the sales process at your last/current job?

When considering which interview questions to ask a sales rep, start by understanding the cycle length of their experience. Asking this question does just that. Remember, all experience is great…if that experience makes sense for your business. Listen to the candidates response to see if this person can deal with a high frequency of rejection, or would rather build fewer, long-term sales.

2. In your experience, would you rather foster current relationships or develop new customers?

So this applicant claims that they generated $1 million in revenue last year for an old employer. Wonderful, but how exactly? Among the interview questions to ask sales reps, you need to ask ones that allow you to figure out if this person specializes in:

  • Fewer high profile deals
  • Growing the relationships in an existing sales base
  • Getting down and dirty in the trenches of finding new customers

3. What is your best story of quickly making a sale, from opening to closing?

You want tangible details and facts (and you can even ask this question with the help of your hiring software right in the application). It will give you more insight into this salesperson’s idea of sale speed. If their example of a fast sale takes 3 months longer than your average, you may see a red flag.

4. Can you describe the longest sale that you ever took part in?

Again, when brainstorming interview questions to ask sales reps, aim to uncover how the person operates. Are they willing to see the long-term? Learn if this person can stick with a single relationship all the way through. Or, they may have acted as part of a team, or “relay-sale.” If your sales team has multiple touchpoints between members and customers, you may value someone who can pick up a page of notes, and jump right into the arena.

5. If you could do anything in the world, would it still be selling?

If they say they’d rather be writing poetry in a shanty house on a beach, you may want to dive into their motivations more. They don’t need to express how they’ll work for you until they die, though. You just want someone who feels alive by selling. Passion and enthusiasm can go a long way.

Adapt the questions accordingly

Selecting the right interview questions to ask sales reps doesn’t have to be hard. Depending on your timeframe, look for quick answers or encourage the interviewee to elaborate till your heart’s content. These questions can help you dig deeper than typically boring questions for interviewing salespeople.

Allie Kelly


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