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6 Ways How Automation and Artificial Intelligence will Transform HR Process


Guest Blog by Shawn Mack – a content writer for Azlyrics.

The definition of Automation is the usage of automatic equipment in different fields. Artificial intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines. In simpler words, automation and artificial intelligence is lesser use of the human brain and human hands and replacement of these with the electronic, mechanic, and automatic devices.

In today’s era, automation and artificial intelligence is a very common thing. In the future, AI will advance more and will help humans more efficiently.

Artificial intelligence eliminates the chances of any sort of error and provides complete precision and accuracy. AI is helping us in almost all parts of our lives. From our home appliances, our computers, our mobile phones to the industries, food factories and offices, in short, it’s used in every parameter. It’s getting quite famous in our everyday movies and music lyrics as well.

Human Resources department of a company manages the employees of an organization. From hiring the employees to training them, the HR department enhances an organization. With the on-going time, AI has also helped HR in choosing the right employee according to the job description and according to the company’s requirements. Here are the following six ways on how automation and artificial intelligence will transform the hr process.

One-time investment:

Different companies hire managers and directors for the HR department. These companies pay a large number of salaries and still face difficulties in hiring proper employees. Be it human bias or analytical errors, with humans at work, any sort of error can possible. Such errors with a large amount of salary given is a complete waste of time and money. On the other hand, if a company invests its money on Artificial intelligence, it might be expensive, but it’s only an investment made once with the benefits of a lifetime. Automatic machines don’t demand a day off or ever complain of getting tired. These machines work 24-hours for 7-days a week without any error or mistake.

They consume less time, unlike the human brain that takes time to process any given information. Many companies have started investing artificial intelligence technologies, and according to many types of research, artificial intelligence will be present in every product and software.

Better and Accurate results:

Throughout all these decades, the human brain has been reforming every sphere and discipline. We have reached the outer space and into the deepest part of Earth altogether. With the involvement of artificial intelligence in the HR department, we can get accurate and precise results along with human emotions. We can get the best of our employees.

For the data storage, analysis, all the calculations and other decisions can be made quickly without any error. Whereas for the sake of motivation and spirit, the HR managers can help their employees. In the HR department, there are many documents one has to go through, which requires a lot of time and attention. With the support of artificial intelligence, this problem can be solved comfortably and explicitly. The use of automation in an industry provides plenty of help, and people from every sector can easily get their work completed.

Elimination of Nepotism:

Nepotism or preference is a poison that is slowly contaminating every field. There are only a few beings without the feeling of favoritism for the ones related to them. Human bias is one of the biggest reasons that many intelligent and highly qualified people are left out and deprived of their rights.

Artificial intelligence eradicates all such sorts of difficulties and selects people who are worthy of the jobs they are been interviewed for. There is no sort of discrimination when it comes to selection by Artificial intelligence. Even if one isn’t biased, people always tend to make mistakes.

Some people wish to follow their instincts, and sometimes some follow their intuitions. Rather than relying on someone who will follow their emotions, it’s better to rely on statistics and data. Using automation can help companies choose the best candidate and select them based on their qualifications and abilities.

Hiring Process:

Technology, automation, and AI are indeed helping a lot in the field. Another way automation and AI is helping HR is the hiring process. With the help of AI, companies can now filter out the applicant’s request at first hand. With advanced software, an applicant may be able to apply online, and if the applicant meets the requirement, then his application is transferred further for consideration. With the help of AI, companies may also determine how strong the applicant is according to the job position.

In the future, with the advancement in technologies, AI may also be able to conduct interviews for the job. The growth in technologies is not just helping companies save their time but is also helping them in reducing costs and helping them in rising profits.

The cost may be high but will be beneficial for the future as the cost will be of one time only. And the chances of error from AI are far less than human error.


AI helps the Human resource department in setting out the performance of each worker in the company. Through AI, we can create much software which upon giving data, will tell us which individual outperformed throughout the month or year. And upon meeting the requirement, the individual will be given a reward. It will ensure that the reward system was correct and fair.

Just like this, AI helped the HR department in better management of employees, and it also helped HR in looking after their employee’s workforce. AI also helps HR and management in setting out goals for the upcoming financial year. By looking at the past performance data of its previous year, the company can set its new goals.

Labor Intensive Vs AI:

With the advancement of technology, most of the industries are moving towards AI/Robotics intensive workforce rather than the labor-intensive workforce. The reason for this is there are fewer chances of error. And moving toward machine intensive workforce will also be a cause for a rise in profits.

As the only cost for these would be one time, no hiring cost, no retention cost, and no bonus for meeting the goals at the end of the year. And the time taken for production of the product would be less than the time taken by any human hand. The chances of any error are very less than the chances of mistake by a human.


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