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Automate Candidate Screening with JazzHR + Choice Screening Integration

Alicia Wilde

JazzHR is thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with background screening solutions provider, Choice Screening, to help customers make more informed hiring decisions based on the results of quality and reliable background checks.

Who is Choice Screening?

Founded in Denver, Colorado back in 2005, Choice Screening discovered that businesses were making the wrong hires far too often. Over a decade later, Choice Screening is an industry leading provider of Background Checks, Drug & Alcohol Testing, Professional Verifications, Driving Records, Credit Reports, Rental History, Medical Registries, Workers Compensation and International Screening.

Why Integrate?

Background checks are an integral part of the candidate screening process. According to a survey conducted by Right Management Consultants, the replacement cost of a bad hire is 1 to 5x the salary of the job in question.

From the resume, to the interview, to the applicant’s actual history, Choice Screening fills in every gap with an array of background services, including form I-9, drug screening, criminal record searches, and more. JazzHR customers can rest assured knowing that they are armed with the best information to make the right hires, faster.

JazzHR customers will also have no problem meeting regulatory, insurance, and company requirements. You’ll have the opportunity to partner with Choice Screening experts who are familiar with the FCRA standards in your specific state and other liabilities.

How Does it Work?

Available for all plans, customers will be able to automate the entire screening process right from within their JazzHR account. Start by navigating to the Integrations section from Settings to connect your JazzHR account with Choice Screening.

Once you’ve connected your accounts, make your way to the Assessments tab of the candidate’s profile to select a background check package you’d like to send to a candidate.

Once the package has been requested, the candidate will receive an email from Mock Background Checks prompting them to start the background check process. It will read Completed once the candidate has completed the background check.

Simply click View Results and you will be redirected to Choice Screening to see the candidate’s results.

Getting Started

The JazzHR and Choice Screening integration will greatly improve the quality of job applicants and new hires. For a step by step tutorial on how to connect the two systems, check out our Knowledge Base. For more on how to leverage background checks as part of your recruitment strategy, schedule a brief demonstration of JazzHR today.

Alicia Wilde


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