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Automate Real-Time Communications with the Enhanced JazzHR Candidate Texting


Last year, we launched JazzHR Candidate Texting—a feature that allows teams to reach top talent faster by sending text message communication.

Now, we’re thrilled to announce enhancements that make the texting experience even better!

Here’s how the new-and-improved JazzHR Candidate Texting can help you modernize your recruiting process today:

  • What’s new?

Previously powered by a Chrome extension, Candidate Texting can now be launched directly from JazzHR.

2020 07 06 15.42.26

Once launched, teams can now automate their text communications via Workflow Helpers and create a consistent candidate experience with text message templates.

2020 07 06 16.23.42

  • What’re the benefits?

person on their phone

As candidate volume continues to rise, reaching the growing pool of job seekers wherever, whenever is more important than ever. With JazzHR Candidate Texting, you’ll be able to:

  • Save time by sending texts without ever leaving JazzHR
  • Scale your messaging by automating texts throughout your Workflow
  • Increase response rates with mobile-centric candidates
  • Boost engagement by reaching candidates where they are
  • Humanize your communications with personalized messages

Ready to try it out? Start texting candidates from JazzHR today.

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