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Guest Blog: Five Benefits to Attract Millennials to Your Company

Alicia Wilde

Guest blog by Martina Sanchez

For some time, millennials have drawn criticism and ire from columnists and keyboard warriors across the world. What is true about millennials is that they have a better understanding of their work needs than perhaps generations before. Many work over 40 hours a week in a bid to save enough to get onto the increasingly costly property ladder, and yet try to maintain a healthy work-life balance. They are resilient in skills acquisition and strive to contribute to a collaborative workplace effort.

But in attracting the millennial workforce to your company, it is important to understand that their motivations in the workplace are more than just financial. Here are a few benefits that millennials look for in a company.

Debt Repayment

One of the biggest issues that face millennials is often the ability to rid themselves of the college repayments. Most millennials will, at some point, have picked up some significant debt in order to acquire the skills which make them valuable assets to the companies they work for. Helping them to recoup those debts can win a lot of loyalty from millennial workers.

It’s worth understanding that helping to pay for an education in your millennial workers is actually an investment in skills.

Career Advancement

Alongside their education, millennials see their jobs as opportunities to take some direction in their lives. Career options can sometimes seem quite narrow when entering into the workplace for the first time. With this in mind, it’s important to engage with millennials and help them to form some idea of career trajectory.

Though they may not continue with your company for their entire career, a worker will always look back with fondness on a business that has helped them forge a career. It’s important to understand that those who pass through your company will always remain ambassadors to your brand if you have helped them to climb the career ladder.

Positive Workplace

It is not necessarily just millennials that value positivity in the workplace, but they have certainly been trailblazers in creating discourse around positivity in the workplace. Over the past decade, businesses and HR professionals have started to put positivity at the centre of their strategies. Studies have shown that productivity is directly linked to good morale, and it’s something that millennials have come to expect.

Health and Well-being

Much of the discourse around creating positivity in a business comes from a genuine concern over the effects of stress on mental well-being and health. Stress related illnesses affected the baby boomer generation like no other before. It’s no wonder that the generation following have developed an understanding of stress and the causes of stress in the workplace.

Showing that you understand and engage with occupational illnesses, including stress, signals that you’re prepared to make your business a safe and healthy environment.

Flexible Hours

Many millennials are turning to part-time work or freelancing in order to develop skills or maintain financial stability. This means that they require a good deal of flexibility when it comes to their hours. For many businesses this can be a difficult prospect. There’s a fear that too much flexibility can lead to a lack of productivity. However, flexible working patterns is a reciprocal relationship, and employers who do offer flexible hours often find that millennials are flexible in return.


About the Author:

Martina Sanchez writes a blog on digital marketing and SEO. She is a constant contributor to content marketing at Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays, academic writing websites.

Alicia Wilde


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