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New Data: JazzHR Sees Concentrated Job Gains and a Full Rebound in Candidate Traffic


Last week, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its June employment numbers, highlighting record gains following the pandemic-induced slump in March and April.

Driven by gradual reopening across the U.S., the economy added 4.8 million jobs (non-farm), resulting in the unemployment rate falling to 11.1%.

The latest data from JazzHR’s 6,000+ SMB customers shows similar signs of gradual recovery. Here are the top takeaways from our latest SMB Recruiting Report:

  • Now is the time to restaff

After a 31% drop in candidate volume as a result of the shock of COVID-19, job-seeker traffic has now rebounded above pre-coronavirus levels. This represents a huge opportunity for businesses looking to rebuild or add to their workforces.


  • Industries that were initially hit hardest are showing signs of recovery

Parts of the economy that were first forced to shut down as a result of social distancing, like retail and leisure, are showing promising rebounds. JazzHR job creation in Texas retail, for example, has skyrocketed after a pandemic-induced dip.


  • Job creation overall is steadily climbing

Following a five-week decline between the first week of March and the second week of April, JazzHR customers have been creating jobs again at a steadily increasing rate.


Download the full report for more in-depth insights on these exclusive recruiting trends.

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