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Ways to Engage Candidates During the Summer Slowdown

Allie Kelly

With summer fast approaching, recruiters can expect to see a lot more vacation auto-responses in their inboxes. This situation prompts the question: should recruiters take a summer break?

When you have the right engagement strategy, your summer hiring goals don’t have to languish. Consider these tips for increasing candidate engagement during the slow season:

Leverage mutual connections on social media

When candidates receive a cold introduction from recruiters, there’s a necessary period of warming up in which prospective candidates will want to know about you and the opportunities you have to offer. Mutual connections can speed up this phase because they can prove your sincerity and legitimacy. Savvy web users know to be wary of communications from people they don’t know, so the presence of mutual connections can build some much-needed trust right away.

Use LinkedIn to gain a glimpse into candidates’ professional networks and find connections you share. Even connections in the second degree – a friend of a friend – can become useful bridging tools.

Personalize cold emails

You know that first impressions matter, so it should be easy to understand why templated cold emails fail to impress candidates. According to Text Request, the average internet user receives 88 emails per day but only sends 34. With that inbox clutter, your cold emails can quickly become obscured.

Personalization is the key to increasing your cold email open rates. Using the recipients name in the subject line is a good way to get users to pause before they hit that delete button. Once they open the message, further personalization tactics will keep them reading. For example, if you can reference a piece of work candidates have shared online, you’ll demonstrate that you’ve done your research.

Assess your calls to action

If you want prospective candidates to take an action, you need to ask. You can’t assume web users will make a choice just because you want them to. There’s simply too much to do online, and your communications only take up a small piece of each candidates day.

Every communication you send should have a clear call to action that encourages candidates to move on to the next step in the hiring process. For cold emails, a CTA should encourage candidates to respond and learn more about the opportunity. For messages delivered further down the pipeline, there should be clear instructions on what steps the recipient needs to take next.

Cut out unnecessary application steps

candidates can become disengaged with the hiring process when they have to take redundant actions. For example, if you require applications to supply a resume and cover letter, and then ask them to input all of that information into a form, they may become frustrated and quit the process mid-way.

Take some time to assess every step of your hiring process and look for areas where you can remove unnecessary steps and make the workflow faster and easier for candidates.


  • Use mutual connections on social media to create an instant bond with candidates.
  • Ditch templated cold emails for personalized communications.
  • Align your CTAs with candidate expectations.
  • Streamline your application process by eliminating redundancies.

The summer lull doesn’t have to impact your recruiting metrics. For more tips on keeping candidates engaged throughout the hiring process, check out our resource center, or schedule a free demonstration today.

Allie Kelly


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