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Agency EA had been sourcing candidates manually and entering payroll information by hand. These processes consumed a lot of resources, which didn’t leave HR stakeholders with much time for other important tasks. Additionally, manual data entry left the business open to the risk of human error.



Because the problem was twofold, AgencyEA needed dual solutions, one for candidate sourcing and another for payroll. At the end of the day, JazzHR made the most strategic sense because it seamlessly integrates with Zenefits’ payroll software.

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With JazzHR, Agency EA is able to save time and direct more resources and attention to sourcing high-quality candidates. Thanks to JazzHR's powerful automation and seamless integrations, HR stakeholders can now trust that their data is accurate, knowing that they've reduced the risk of human error. "Luckily, we didn’t have to compromise because JazzHR and Zenefits seamlessly integrate," said Traci Pratt, AgencyEA's HR Manager.