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The Challenge

A Disorganized Hiring Process with Over Complicated Tools

Recruiting is the lifeblood of Novo/scale. As a staffing firm dedicated to hiring some of the toughest talent out there, they were laser-focused on getting good candidates for their clients with organization falling to the wayside. With over 50 internal recruiters working with candidates all day, the lack of process was becoming more and more of a problem as good candidates were getting lost in the shuffle of the day-to-day.

Overwhelmed by their current ATS’s overly complex, clunky interface, recruiters were leaving vital candidate information in inboxes, notepads, and spreadsheets. Francisco Herrera, Head of Talent at Novo/scale, was getting frustrated. “I spent most of my time just organizing my recruiters, versus trying to actually improve who and how we were hiring, as an outsourcing agency, we needed a talent pool. Our current systems weren’t allowing us to tap into that.”

This was ultimately impacting their hiring business. Without the right tools to find candidates fast, it was costing them money. For staffing or recruiting agencies, the ability to turn around a hire as fast as possible is crucial and without an intuitive system, Novo/scale was losing good candidates to a bad process.


The Solution

Novo/scale meets JazzHR

Bucking tradition for a staffing firm, Francisco decided to go with an ATS focused on ease of use, rather than one specifically made for staffing or recruiting agencies. In 2012, Novo/scale implemented JazzHR and made immediate organizational improvements. “The UI.UX is exquisite – it gives my team much more flexibility when leaving notes, searching for candidates, or pulling from our talent pool. It’s no longer a battle to get my recruiters in the system, they actually like spending time in JazzHR.” said Francisco.

New, streamlined hiring process let Francisco stop the everyday administrative tasks of managing his team was able to focus on learning hiring best practices, developing their employer brand, and profiling ideal candidates. Francisco says, ” We just about doubled our size since we started with JazzHR, that kind of growth would have been impossible with another ATS. Onboarding new recruiters was too difficult, and the time spent trying to work with our outdated system was taking time away from our candidates.”

Recruiter experience is only one of the benefits gained from making the switch to JazzHR. Candidate experience improved as well, improving candidate flow and revenue potential for their company. The easy process from application to hire has their workforce returning to them again and again. “Automated workflows are a key driver for our candidate experience. We can’t live without them,” says Francisco, “we’re always coming up with new ways to use JazzHR in our selection process and we just keep getting better.”

Unraveling recruiter organization and candidate experience were not the only two battles won by switching to JazzHR. “With our old system, we were all over the place. It didn’t integrate with any of our other tools. We use Hacker Rank, CareerBuilder, Outlook Calendar, BambooHR, Monster – all of these connect JazzHR so we were easily able to unify our data sources,” says Francisco. “not only that, we were actually able to benchmark our success and provide reports that defend our recruiting KPIs from upper management.”



Unification, Organization, Optimization

With over 4,000 resumes, 100+ jobs, and hundreds of hires, Novo/scale has totally solved their organizational issues. With a unified system, Novo/scale never worries about internal organization, optimization, or candidate flow anymore. As a talent agency, they can focus on what they do best: hiring top talent. Francisco and his team now spend their time improving employer branding, finding better methods to screen candidates, and investigating creative new ways to measure his recruiters' performance. According to Francisco, "Thinking outside the box and getting a modern ATS focused on adaptability and customization doubled our efficiency. I will never go back to a "staffing agency" system."