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The Challenge

The Channel Company’s entire HR function is a team of one. During heavy hiring cycles, which can occur at any time of the year, they can spend up to 90 percent of their time in the applicant tracking system. The company was becoming increasingly frustrated with their overly complicated previous solution. Even the simplest tasks, such as contacting candidates, took several steps to accomplish. The system not only made the work more cumbersome, but it also impeded the entire hiring process. Rather than optimizing recruitment workflows, the previous ATS slowed things down, leading to extreme frustration. The software was wasting time, eating up precious hours of the day and providing little benefit in return. It slowed down internal processes as well as external engagement with candidates.


The Solution

In early 2017, The Channel Company wanted a replacement tool that could save time and provide an intuitive user experience. They made the decision to move from the old ATS in favor of JazzHR. Since the switch, The Channel Company has benefited significantly from optimized hiring workflows. With JazzHR, The Channel Company can maintain control of the hiring process while involving key stakeholders within the company. Now, they can seamlessly post and syndicate jobs, screen applicants and communicate with candidates in the pipeline. JazzHR also allows the organization to compile interview feedback and communicate important information to hiring managers. Though individual hiring managers within the organization don’t directly use JazzHR, The Channel Company uses the communication tools within the software to share relevant information with them, including candidate resumes, job applications and first round interview feedback.


Structured Success

Since The Channel Company partnered with JazzHR, the organization's staff has grown by 30 percent. With greater workflow efficiency, the organization’s HR department is able to save between four and six hours per week during heavy hiring cycles. Now, The Channel Company receives an average of 69 candidates per open role — a 10% increase from their previous applicant tracking system. Compared to the previous ATS, JazzHR makes it easier to set up the right criteria to automate applicant prioritization. This allows The Channel Company to more efficiently screen candidates and move them through the recruitment pipeline. Now, candidates spend an average of only 8 days in their pipeline. Importantly, JazzHR integrates seamlessly with Namely, making it easy send candidate information to relevant stakeholders to facilitate the onboarding process. Over the course of the partnership, The Channel Company has been highly satisfied not only with JazzHR software, but also with the level of support they receive. The JazzHR customer service team regularly reaches out to answer questions, receive feature requests and facilitate beta programs.