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JazzHR Partners with VIZI to Drive Candidate Engagement

Alicia Wilde

JazzHR is thrilled to announce a partnership with VIZI, a software solution that transforms text-based job descriptions into visual, engaging brand experiences.

Together, JazzHR and VIZI create a positive candidate experience and help employers attract and engage with more qualified applicants early in the candidate journey.

Breaking down the VIZI-JazzHR partnership

VIZI is a team of driven innovators who believe a career choice is a life choice and that methods of talent attraction are transactional by design and do little to create authentic connections.

Enter VIZI, the patented approach to recruitment marketing that takes the job description and transforms it into an effective visual marketing, branding and advertising tool that communicates a brand story, conveys the corporate culture, and clearly outlines the desired qualities in an ideal candidate.

  • By breaking up the heavy-text of the existing job description with visuals and icons, VIZI enables candidate’s to process the information and understand what it could be like to work for your company.

Through JazzHR, VIZI transforms the candidate experience at the job post level by instantly converting customers’ text-based job descriptions into a mobile, social media-friendly, enhanced job description.

By working directly with the VIZI team, JazzHR customers are empowered to visually market their unique story to attract top talent using their branding, real photos and videos. According to VIZI, visuals drive the time spent on a VIZI up to 140%, resulting in a more thoughtful review from an invested candidate.

To learn more about what a VIZI is, watch this brief video. For more on how to drive candidate conversion through a unique branded experience, schedule time with a JazzHR expert today.

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Alicia Wilde


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