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The Stevie Awards: JazzHR Recognized for Business Growth


Today, we’re delighted to announce that JazzHR has been named a winner in the categories of “Achievement in Growth” and “Customer Service Team of the Year” in the 19th Annual American Business Awards®!

aba21 silver winner aba21 bronze winner

JazzHR was chosen from over 3,800 nominations, which included orgs of all sizes and every industry. More than 250 professionals took part in judging to select this year’s winners of The Stevie Awards.

Adapting, responding, and delivering: Why JazzHR’s growth was recognized by The Stevie Awards

JazzHR’s recognition in the category of “Achievement in Growth” reflects our record-breaking growth since 2019. By remaining laser-focused on our customers and adapting to meet the market’s changing needs, JazzHR drove results while empowering small and mid-sized businesses to do the same.

Here’s what the judging committee said about our growth:

  • “Millions of people lost their jobs during the pandemic and while everyone was struggling to land a good job, the initiatives from companies like JazzHR have provided great value. It helps both the companies who are looking for talent and the ones who are looking for jobs alike. Finding a good job is always tough and looking for a good opportunity is work by itself. Streamlining and reaching out to more talents is a great way to ensure more people stay employed.”
  • “JazzHR is a classic example of growth with intent. Aspects that stand out: – 50 new product releases – Customer retention at a 98% rate – 250+ service and technology partners.”
  • “Fantastic achievement and growth through new territory.”
  • “This sounds like quite a lot of growth and innovation. Wonderful job!”

JazzHR’s world-class customer success team also recently received accolades from The Stevie Awards

Complementing our growth, JazzHR was also recognized in the category of “Customer Service Team of the Year” for our excellence in customer success. Our best-in-class product is only one piece of the hiring puzzle. What truly empowers our customers to make a real impact in recruiting through JazzHR is our Customer Success team who delivers white-glove service to each and every one of our 8,000+ customers.

Here’s what some of the judges had to say about our achievements:

  • “I love the fact that their customers say “Their advantage is an amazing Customer Success team!”
  • “JazzHR is positioned well to target the growing need for talent in a now mainly remote world.
  • “Great feedback from customers and CSAT scores of 98% is a reflection of the hard work and support provided by CS team. Impressive results that have impacted your customers in a positive way.”
  • “Praise for recognizing that customer concerns open the door for increased commitment.”
  • “It sounds like you are focused on your customer needs and your department is delivering high metrics on CSAT. Well done!”

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