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JazzHR + Zenefits Just Got 3 Times Better

Allie Kelly

We’re proud to announce our latest enhancement to our integration with Zenefits. Our two solutions power hiring for thousands of small businesses and we came together to deepen the integration to provide the easiest experience possible for employers like you. Using our two systems together saves you time and effort, along with the added safeguard of fewer data entry errors. Creating a streamlined, modern candidate experience can only be done with the right tools. We added new features to make sure your hires have everything they need to do their jobs, without the complicated overhead or technical flubs.

Enhanced Export Capabilities

Export candidate resumes along with their profile information with a single click. Send over basic information like name, address, email, and phone number to Zenefits to create a new record. The resume will go right along with the candidate information and live within Zenefits.

Convert candidates to JazzHR Users

After you make a hire and export them to Zenefits, easily create them as a JazzHR user so they can start screening. Manage all your JazzHR users right from Zenefits to avoid switching back and forth between systems.

Sign into JazzHR directly from Zenefits

Avoid saving tons of bookmarks and passwords and connect to JazzHR right from Zenefits. Just click and go right into JazzHR so you can start recruiting your next hire.

Setting up the integration is easy, just follow the steps set up in our guide and you’re off and running. If you’re not a current Zenefits user but want more information on signing up, just follow this link.

Allie Kelly


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