Offer Management Made Easy

Create Offer Letter Templates

Offer Letter Templates

Embed tokened form fields in a Word document to generate letters later.

Drafting Version Control

Version Control Drafts

Retrieve previous versions of drafts or declined offers at any time.

Send of eSign

Send For eSign

Expedite pre-employment and onboarding stages by requesting electronic signatures.

Create and send offer letters in minutes.

Digitize the offer management process and automate new hire onboarding.


Create, document, and manage the offer stage.

Replicate & customize approved offer templates to save time and eliminate paperwork.

Configurable Fields

Configurable Fields

Pre-populate your offers with key candidate information like salary, start date, and title. Choose from dozens of options to shorten your offer process.

Reusable Offer Letter Templates

Bulk Hiring

Save and reuse approved templates to maintain your hiring velocity. Repurpose and send them to multiple candidates.


Track each version of your offer template with ease.

See a history of your template so you know what's happened and can revisit at any time.

Document Storage

Document Storage

Upload and store offer documents for easy access and compliance reporting. Save time and promote the security and accuracy of your data with automated EEO compliance.

Version Tracking

Version Tracking

Stay oriented in each step of the composition process with JazzHR's version tracking. Revise and save documents for later use.


Get it done faster with eSign.

Eliminate stacks of paperwork and completely digitize your offer acceptance and onboarding processes.

Use it on the Go

Use It On The Go

Access, sign, and send important documents from anywhere on your favorite mobile devices. Easily transfer files from a computer to your phone.

Full Integrated

Fully Integrated

Sign up and go digital right away. There is no third-party account or registration required.

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