Make every interaction with your brand leave a lasting impression.

Personalize Your Process

Personalize your process

Infuse your brand into everything from emails to your careers page to give candidates a consistent experience.

Consistent Communications

Consistent Messaging

Set up custom workflows to keep your candidates in the loop during every step of the hiring process.

Be Better Prepared

Be Better Prepared

Our customizable guides ensure your hiring team has everything they need to conduct best in class interviews.


The experience a candidate has with your company is a direct reflection of your brand.

Add your brand voice into every touchpoint and create an experience that will leave your candidates wanting more.

Customizable Career Pages

Customizable Career Pages

Create your own or integrate your existing page with JazzHR. We allow for 100% customization to give your careers page its own look and feel

Branded Communications

Branded Messaging

Customize candidate messaging everywhere from email templates to social media channels. Our platform allows you to integrate your brand on all levels of external communication.


Maintain an instant dialogue with all of your candidates.

Give your candidates branded, personalized responses, every step of the way.

Custom Workflows

Custom Workflows

Our workflows are customizable blueprints that you can tailor to outline every stage of your hiring process. Take full control of how you hire.

Get In Sync

Get In Sync

Sync your existing email tools directly to JazzHR. This allows you to send messages about candidates directly through your email, while our platform simultaneously syncs all communications to each candidate's individual profile.


There's no one-size-fits-all way to hire.

Built to take your hiring process from complicated and clunky to streamlined and sleek.

Interview Guides

Interview Guides

Asking candidates the right questions in interviews is no easy task. Our comprehensive Interview Guides give you all the tools necessary to make informed hiring decisions.

Candidate Categories

Candidate Categories

Organize candidates into groups so they can be easily found later. Create as many groups as you need based on whatever criteria fits your requirements.

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Candidate Texting

Modernize your candidate communications.

Text candidates right from JazzHR to streamline the candidate experience and reach top talent faster.

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Up Next: Applicant Tracking

Make recruiting what your company does best.

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Up next: Employer Branding

Dive deep into how showcasing your employer brand can easily enhance your recruiting strategy.

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Up Next: Candidate Sourcing

Post jobs online and screen resumes simply and reliably.

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Up Next: Candidate Experience

Give your potential hires the best possible experience, from applications to offer letters.

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Up Next: Collaborative Hiring

Track and manage your team's participation and input at each point in the candidate lifecycle.

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Up Next: Interviews & Assessments

Transform your interview process. by automating tasks and creating alignment between your hiring team.

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Up Next: Offers & eDocuments

Digitize the offer management process and automate new-hire onboarding.

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Up Next: Compliance & Reporting

Spot inefficiencies and opportunities hidden within your recruiting process.

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