Easily Keep the Entire Hiring Team Involved and Engaged

Automate Feedback

Automate Feedback

Gather real-time input from your hiring team to make better decisions, faster.

Get On The Same Page

Get On The Same Page

Seamlessly organize your interview process and maintain schedules across multiple calendars.

Manage Tasks

Manage Your Tasks

Keep your whole team moving through the recruiting process efficiently and effectively.


Utilize team knowledge to choose the best candidate.

Easily manage and track each team member's input during each stage of the hiring process.



Stop searching through emails looking for feedback on candidates. See each team member's assessment in one central view.

Rank Candidates

Rank Candidates

Let your team members rank the candidates that are the best fit for the role. Organize your hiring pool based on your own criteria and decide who gets moved along in one centralized location.


Stop chasing down colleagues to get the information you need.

Keep your interview process organized and customized to fit your unique needs.

Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync

Schedule interviews across multiple calendars with just a few clicks. We integrate with all major scheduling tools & can schedule invites to all members of the hiring team with a push of a button.

Groups and Hiring Teams

Groups & Hiring Teams

Better control access to your jobs and keep users organized. You can decide who gets access to the hiring team and comment on the candidate feedback they provide.


Assign tasks to your team or even yourself to keep organized.



Simply @ mention any of your team members to keep them in the loop. Don't spend your precious time sorting through your inbox for feedback.



Send alerts about potential candidates straight to your colleague's inbox. Keep everyone in the loop, without even entering the app.

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