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6 Creative Ways to Welcome a New Hire


Starting a new job can be a stressful experience. Having a new employee start can also be stressful for employers. You want it to go smoothly so that your new hire feels happy, welcomed, and ready to ramp up as quickly as possible. While having an effective onboarding process is key, it won’t work as well if it’s boring or regimented. Let’s look beyond the usual checklists and documentation, training, and tours, to find other, more creative things you can do to help employees adjust to their new work environment successfully.

1. Get the timing right

A busy Monday morning isn’t always the best time to introduce a new hire to their colleagues. Consider starting them later in the week, or, if possible, on a Friday when everyone is more relaxed and can bond more easily. If there’s a team outing or night out planned, you could always invite the person to come along before they start on their first day. Informal meetings are great for getting to know people. Plus, being able to then walk into a new working environment and see a few familiar faces can be very reassuring.

2. Use the buddy system

There is always a lot to take in when you’re starting a new job, so pair your new hire with a buddy or mentor. Typically the buddy should be a more experienced staff member who doesn’t have a managerial relationship with your new employee. A buddy will be able to answer questions, provide support, and help establish rapport with other staff members. Remember, everyone needs a friend at work, even if it’s just to ask where the best places are to get lunch.

Pair your new hire with a buddy to act as a mentor during the onboarding process and beyond.
Pair your new hire with a buddy to act as a mentor during the onboarding process and beyond.

3. Set up their workspace

This isn’t just about making sure the new person has a desk, computer, or whatever else they might need to perform their job. Think outside the box to make them feel really welcome. That might mean buying flowers or creating a welcome pack that’s filled with items branded with the company logo. Everyone likes presents and with a little attention to detail, you can make your new hire feel like they’re a valued part of the team.

Make sure new hires have everything they need ready at their desks.
Make sure new hires have everything they need ready at their desks.

4. Establish a tradition

Maybe it’s bringing in coffee and donuts every time someone new starts, or the team all going out for lunch together to a favorite spot. Food and conversation help break down barriers and offers everyone a social break away from their work. If your company has happy hour, invite the new person along for a drink in their honor.

5. Give them something to do

If the day isn’t filled with training and onboarding activities, give your new hire some small tasks related to their role to get them started. The first day can leave new employees feeling that they haven’t achieved very much, so giving them work to do will ease them into the job. That way they can leave with a sense of accomplishment and with an eye toward what they will be working on next.

6. End the day with a chat

Before they leave for the day, ask new hires how they’re making out. How was their first day? Do they have any questions or concerns? Briefly outline what they can expect to be doing in the next week so they know what to expect or look forward to. Thanking them for coming on board and reassuring them that the first day can be a little overwhelming can go a long way toward making people feel comfortable and positive about their new role. There are plenty of small, thoughtful things that can be easily integrated into the more formal aspects of the onboarding process to help make starting a new job smooth and easy. What has your company done to make a new hire welcome?


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