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Make Informed Hiring Decisions with JazzHR and Crimcheck


Each hire you make is an investment. From screening to interviewing, selecting a new employee from a pool of candidates requires careful consideration and significant time. And once hired, this person will have an impact on your brand and bottom line.

JazzHR is proud to integrate with Crimcheck, a leading background screening solutions provider, to help your hiring team make more informed recruiting decisions with confidence.

Breaking down the JazzHR-Crimcheck partnership

Since 1991, Crimcheck has specialized in providing pre-employment screening and certified background checks to companies of all sizes, allowing employers like yours to make the best hiring decisions that support and protect their brand, customers, and employees.

Crimcheck’s own user-friendly software, known as eFletch, can be integrated directly with an ATS like JazzHR, making it extremely easy for recruiters to monitor compliance, automate, and measure screening and onboarding processes within one central location.

JazzHR customers will be amazed at how simple it is to order background checks, track their statuses, and view the results all from their JazzHR account. Using our Crimcheck integration, JazzHR users can:

  • Protect their brand by leveraging pre-employment screening and certified background checks
  • Accelerate the hiring process by eliminating potential data entry errors
  • Manage candidate data, including background check results, in one data stream
  • Ensure complete compliance by partnering with Crimcheck’s customer service team

With access to Crimcheck’s core capabilities right in JazzHR, this creates a more holistic screening process and shortens the learning curve for users by combining the two systems within a familiar interface.

To set up the integration, enter your Crimcheck credentials into JazzHR. Once the accounts are connected, order background checks through Crimcheck from the Candidate Profile.

Once results are available, a status will appear on the Assessments tab of the Candidate Profile. Click View Results to review specifics within Crimcheck directly.

To learn about our Crimcheck integration — and discover the sourcing, nurturing, interviewing, and analytics capabilities in our ATS for small businesses — schedule a JazzHR demo today.

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