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JazzHR Product Update: Candidate Scorecard Is Here

Stephanie Sparks

The hiring process is highly collaborative and it requires the entire hiring team to stay aligned each step of the way. But sometimes, providing feedback on candidates can be challenging and time consuming.

For example, perhaps an HR manager is struggling to get timely feedback from stakeholders, causing the company to lose out on talented job seekers. Or a hiring manager may be a bottle neck in providing feedback on each candidate that she interviews. Maybe an internal recruiter regularly has to deal with inconsistencies in the candidate review process and wants a more effective way to rate candidates.

Candidate Scorecard: JazzHR’s New Tool to Tackle the Candidate Review Process

To address these challenges, we have released a new feature within JazzHR that will streamline the candidate feedback process and support hiring teams with a simple, effective tool for rating candidates.

Candidate Scorecard is a new feedback tool in JazzHR that aggregates scores from the hiring team for individual candidates on multiple criteria, creating a more informed and collaborative hiring process.

Growing companies need the ability to easily and objectively score candidates through input from multiple stakeholders during their hiring process. Using the new Candidate Scorecard feature minimizes hiring bias and gives each stakeholder the ability to provide an objective and fair assessment based on standardized grading criteria.

Benefits of Candidate Scorecard

Candidate Scorecard provides an easier tool for hiring teams to align on candidates. With its simple-to-use functionality, it enables hiring teams to provide feedback without spending extensive time in the JazzHR software. Even more important, the new Candidate Scorecard functionality:

  • Increases collaboration across stakeholders throughout the hiring process

  • Streamlines the feedback process for interviewers, so the hiring team can assess skills equally and effectively

  • Offers a consistent grading scale to reduce bias in the hiring process

  • Ensures feedback information is found in a single place

  • Reduces the back-and-forth between members of the hiring team and recruiter

  • Provides scorecard templates that are customizable based on each job and the specific skills the user wants to score during the hiring process

Candidate Scorecard is also available to all user types of JazzHR, including Hero, Plus, and Pro, and across all users of the hiring team. Let’s see what the new Candidate Scorecard feature looks like within JazzHR:

Candidate Scorecard Is Created in Templates

Candidate Scorecard Template

Candidate Scorecard Is Simple and Easy to Use with Overall Ratings and Results Clearly Marked

Candidate Scorecard Ratings Candidate Scorecard Results

Plus, Users Can Compare Candidate Scores Simultaneously Across Candidates

Candidate Scorecard Comparison Graphic Designer

See for Yourself What Makes Candidate Scorecard So Valuable

We are thrilled to provide this new functionality to users of JazzHR. Take advantage of this new, easy tool to align on candidate feedback across your hiring team. For more information, talk to your customer success representative today.

And if you’re looking to learn more about JazzHR, get started by trying our recruitment software for free. Or request a live demo to see JazzHR in action.

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