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Personalize Your Recruiting Data with JazzHR’s Custom Fields


Every recruiting process is unique. What’s important to your team – like a job’s business unit or a candidate’s birthday – may not be relevant to another company.

Here at JazzHR, we work hard to make sure our features match how you actually hire. This starts with being able to track the data that matters to you.

Our newest addition to our suite of customizable functionalities does just that – Introducing JazzHR Custom Fields.

Available on Jobs and Candidate Profiles, Custom Fields allow you to capture and store information unique to your recruiting process right in JazzHR. Once tracked, you can search and report on these fields for a completely personalized view of your talent pool.

Ready to start adding your own unique data points? Here’s how to add Custom Fields today and strengthen your process for tomorrow.

Why use Custom Fields?

This newest feature lets you customize the information you collect and store in your JazzHR account. With this tailored approach, you’ll be able to:

  • Eliminate the need for additional spreadsheets
  • Increase visibility throughout the hiring process
  • Share the efficacy of your methodology with stakeholders
  • Screen your talent pool in a more personalized way
  • See a fuller view of jobs/candidate’s by reporting on Custom Fields

How does it work?

Admins in JazzHR can start adding Custom Fields under Settings > Templates. From this page, click +Add to create new selections under Job and/or Candidate Fields. Remember, these are completely customizable – build out the fields that matter most to you and your team!

Once an Admin has created the fields, any user who has access to the respective Job/Candidate Profile can enter information into the fields.

After you and your team have started storing information, you can also search and report on these personalized data points for a custom look at your talent pipeline.

Want to create and track your own Custom Fields? Visit JazzHR’s Knowledge Base for more information on getting up and running today, and join us on 4/8 for a Deep Dive webinar on this newest feature!


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