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Find Your Best Candidates with the JazzHR-Wedge Integration

Alicia Wilde

JazzHR is happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with Wedge, a video assessment provider designed to increase candidate quality, cut recruitment costs, and save several hours a week in productivity.

Breaking down the JazzHR-Wedge partnership

Wedge is founded on a small but mighty team of six, dedicated to creating a unique experience for applicants and hiring managers by pairing “who you are” with “what you have accomplished” in a short video elevator pitch that highlights a candidate’s abilities beyond the resume.

Wedge helps JazzHR customers easily uncover their best candidates by leveraging the power of video interviews early on in the recruitment process.

  • The easy-to-use and cost effective video assessment tool helps our shared users search, evaluate, and hire candidates in less time.

As an employer, you get to know the person behind the paper by allowing candidates to record, save, and send video responses to interview questions. Applicants, in turn, get the chance to leave a lasting impression on your company in a short video narrative.

By keeping the questions consistent from one applicant to another, you gain enough valuable information to compare candidates and make the most informed hiring decisions. With our Wedge connection, you can Spend less time coordinating interviews and chasing down team members by simply sharing the video interview with your hiring team.

  • The Wedge video interview integration is available for all plans. Companies that deal with remote hiring, in particular, greatly benefit from this video assessment integration.

Have distributed teams who need to hire for cultural fit? Not a problem. Rather than flying out to meet with a candidate face-to-face, teams can hire with predetermined interview questions.

Other businesses we see benefitting from this integration are organizations who are hiring for job-specific soft skills, and larger organizations with a strong hiring velocity. Use Wedge to easily screen and knockout unqualified candidates from the beginning.

Improve your interviewing and better identify, engage, and convert top talent with our complete ATS. Schedule a demo with our team today to learn how our recruiting software can help your SMB scale.

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Alicia Wilde


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