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Introducing JazzHR White Label, Our Custom Branding Feature


JazzHR is proud to announce the release JazzHR White Label, a custom-branded recruitment platform option that helps employers better showcase their visual brand right in our applicant tracking system

JazzHR dashboard

What the new White Label feature offers

JazzHR’s White Label product offers the same award-winning applicant tracking technology with a fully customizable user interface, including logo, colors, and candidate email communications. Here’s an example of a JazzHR New Candidate Email with current branding vs. white-labeling:

What’re the benefits of white labeling JazzHR?

Building an award-winning ATS from scratch can take years of development effort (not to mention millions of dollars). From HR tech and service providers to PEOs and ASOs, brand-focused businesses can quickly deploy custom-branded hiring software in order to:

  • Expand existing offerings
  • Become single-source HR platforms
  • Maintain brand consistency
  • Deepened client relationships
  • Boost customer retention
  • Create new revenue streams


Leveraging JazzHR white label is simple: You send us your custom branding guidelines (including your logo and color), and we apply them to our software. Once deployed, you reap the benefits.

Demo JazzHR’s ATS for small businesses today to learn how it can enhance your hiring efforts.

jazzhr recruitment software ats demo


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