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The Importance of Supporting Your Hiring Team Throughout Your 2022 Recruitment and Selection


With the “Great Resignation,” job candidates have more choices than ever. A lengthy recruitment process can affect your hiring team and make you lose out on your best hires.

And, the selection stage is equally important. Yes, this is when you choose your new employees. But, it’s when they decide if you’re the right fit for them, too.

Lackluster and directionless questions won’t inspire them. And, differing tones throughout your recruitment process will speak to inconsistent management within your company.

A unified and innovative approach is essential to hiring the best talent. That’s why we’ve come up with three ways you can support your hiring team throughout recruitment and selection in 2022.

1. Determine Your Tone

What kind of tone you take during your recruitment process shows what kind of company you are.

Are you corporate and formal? Creative free-thinkers? Before you try to engage new staff, you need to know your brand and the kind of people you want to attract.

Above all, consistency is key. So if you’re jokey in your ad and severe during your interview, expect confused expressions from your candidates. Consistency of tone is also crucial across your interview team.

We’re not suggesting that the team behaves like clones; simply agree on your approach beforehand. This approach will help attract candidates that are a better fit for your company.

2. Ditch the Generic Questions

If you ask a clichéd question, you’ll get a clichéd response. It’s important to ask questions interviewees might not expect to get genuine answers.

Avoiding vague, run-of-the-mill questions will also create a better experience for the candidate. Instead of asking them where they see themselves in five years, ask what training opportunities they would like to undertake in the meantime. Rather than asking them what their greatest weakness is, ask them about a time in their professional career when they could have done better.

This will give you real insights into the capabilities and personality of your candidate and set you apart from other companies.

Invest in Hiring Software

3. Invest in Hiring Software

Hiring software can assist your recruitment team at each stage of the recruitment process. It can help with:

  • Sourcing a wide range of candidates
  • Posting job ads that align with your brand
  • Filtering applications based on your job criteria
  • Message templating and automation
  • Interview scheduling
  • Collaborative hiring

From application to offer, it can help keep your tone of voice consistent, reduce your time-to-hire, and create a better candidate experience all around.

Give Your Hiring Team Better Support

In this tight labor market, you need to be as prepared for the recruitment and selection process as your prospective employee.

Support your hiring team throughout 2022 by following our three tips. But to give them the edge, consider using good recruitment software.

JazzHR will enable you to source high-quality candidates who are the right fit for your company. Moreover, it will help you improve your candidate experience while empowering your hiring team to make decisions more quickly and collaboratively. To find out more, contact us.

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