Watch the 6 Part Video Series for Top DE&I Tips

A video series featuring conversations between JazzHR’s chair of Diversity and Belonging, Brian Ewing, and Circa’s VP of DE&I, Roselle Rogers.


Aligning your DE&I goals with your hiring process may seem like an overwhelming objective, especially for small businesses. Hear from the experts on where to focus your attention for the greatest impact.

There are many opportunities for businesses to improve their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts both within the hiring process and at the organizational level. Get advice from the experts.

From how to define diversity to the belief that it’s solely HR’s responsibility, there are many misconceptions about DE&I. Tune in to hear the experts break down these misconceptions.

With less than half of teams rating themselves as proficient in advancing their organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion, it’s time to take DE&I beyond a one-time initiative. The experts advise making DE&I an integral part of an organization’s culture rather than a one-time event.

With so many advances in the DE&I space, many may wonder, what’s next? The experts weigh in with actionable insights.

To make an impact in the DE&I space, teams must hold themselves accountable to their goals. The experts advise using metrics and strategy in both the hiring process and at the organizational level.

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