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9 Haunting Employees Exits


JazzHR is embracing this spooky time of year by conjuring the ghosts of human resources past.

Last year, we were scared straight by your hiring horror stories. This year, we reached out to our network of HR professionals to learn about the most haunting employee offboarding experiences. Our goal here is to entertain, and the submissions below did just that.

1. “I was brought in to clean up an organization and had to fire six managers. Those individuals hired a limo and came back through our parking lot “mooning” the facility and anyone that happened to be outside at the time.”

2. “We had to fire a girl because she had been stealing brownies by hiding them under her armpits before walking out the door every night. When I called her into the office to show her the videos, she became irate and so I escorted her out of the building. She then came through the drive-through window and threw a cup of tea on my coworker.”

3. “We had one guy who quit go into the server room and cut up all the connections.”

4. “After being terminated,the employee showed up at our offices and proceeded to conduct a cursing ceremony in the hallway outside our door complete with speaking in tongues and spitting on our door frame.”

5. “I once had a colleague send the boss creepy dolls every other week for a few months. Creeped us all out!!”

6. “There was an employee that was creepily calm about being terminated. The next day, he showed up to the office like everything was normal and with his box of personal items in tow. He was terminated on April Fool’s Day and thought it was just a prank…awkward.”

7. “They simply… ghosted. Ba dum tssssss.”

8. “We once terminated an employee and afterward, their grandmother wrote a nasty review about us on Google.”

9. “Someone broke into the locked petty cash box in the office. We hired an outside investigator, questioned some employees, asked the suspect if he had any tools, he said of course, even voluntarily showed him the screwdriver that he used (which had paint chips from the box on it). He finally admitted he was the one, that he needed the money to pay for nefarious activities. He was fired and agreed to pay back the company.”

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