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HR Maximizer is a subscription-based recruitment, advertising, and lead generation service that specializes in healthcare talent acquisition. With the use of integrated recruitment technology and processes, the company helps clients in the nonprofit community and regional hospital networks to attract clinical candidates faster.

Its Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Rollis Fontenot III started the company in 2009 and has since grown the team to 15 employees. Together, they serve as an extension of each client’s recruitment teams. As a smaller company that typically works with larger groups, Rollis and his team utilize analytics to implement improved processes in a nimble fashion. Internally, the HR Maximizer team is always working to increase their own efficiency in order to help clients (and their own business) scale faster.


Why HR Maximizer Partnered With JazzHR

HR Maximizer has been working with JazzHR since 2016 and decided to partner thanks to the platform’s ease of use and simplicity. Given how challenging it can be to fill positions in the healthcare recruitment market, Rollis and his team use JazzHR to remove any friction in the application process. They love that candidates can submit applications without creating an account and apply to open roles quickly—HR Maximizer’s initial goal was to have an application process in 5 minutes or less. Using JazzHR, it takes under 2 minutes.


How HR Maximizer Uses JazzHR

Besides streamlined applications, the team at HR Maximizer also leverages JazzHR’s employer branding tools. Thanks to the customizable career page options and open API, HR Maximizer can turn their clients’ existing website into an on-brand careers site. JazzHR job postings update in real-time, thanks to the integration. This setup allows clients to strengthen their employer brand while giving HR Maximizer control of the look and feel and the ability to track performance metrics.

HR Maximizer was also one of the first partners to use JazzHR White Label. This custom-branded version of JazzHR has allowed Rollis and his team to present a consistent look and feel to clients alongside award-winning functionality. As a result, they’ve been able to increase customer loyalty and retention.

HR Maximzier Dashboard

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"What’s really cool is that we’ve been able to do something that I didn’t even know was possible. Originally, I was hoping clients would use us for at least 4 - 5 months and then as long as a year. I’m happy to tell you we’ve got clients that have been with us for 5 years on your system."

HR Maximizer’s success depends on their team’s ability to help clients connect with more candidates faster. With JazzHR, the team has been able to empower healthcare organizations to grow their teams, resulting in increased client retention for HR Maximizer. Initially, Rollis had anticipated clients would use HR Maximizer for at least four to five months and then as long as a year. With JazzHR, they have clients that have been working with them for five years.

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