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"We partnered with the JazzHR team for our franchise system for two primary reasons. One, their technology allows our franchisees to customize the workflow to our brand’s processes, and two, we value their responsiveness to our network!”
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Vince Pacleb Vice President of Sales and Operations, Rumble Boxing



About Rumble Boxing

With 49 locations in 24 states and growing, Rumble Boxing brings good vibes and lots of energy to full-body, boxing-inspired group-fitness classes.



Streamlining Complex Hiring Processes

Rumble Boxing is a boutique fitness franchise that combines the “sweet science” of boxing with the transformative power of strength training. The company’s business model relies on having dependable staff within each franchised studio to execute this distinctive fitness program successfully. Consequently, efficient recruitment and onboarding of trainers are critical to the success of each studio.

As the franchisor, Rumble Boxing provides recruiting and hiring support to more than 24 active franchisees, each of whom may interview upwards of 30 applicants during their hectic startup phase. To help franchisees find the best candidates in their markets, Rumble Boxing initially used an applicant tracking system (ATS) approved by its parent company, Xponential Fitness (NYSE: XPOF).

However, it soon became apparent that the franchisor’s vendor could not meet its specific needs in two significant ways: technology and flexibility.

“Our franchisees have a very complex recruitment and hiring process, and as our brand started to take on franchise partners across the country, we realized that the existing ATS vendor we were working with couldn’t support our franchisees in the way we needed,” said Vince Pacleb, Rumble Boxing’s Vice President of Sales and Operations. “Specifically, the vendor’s technology was incompatible with the workflow our franchisees needed to manage their pipeline of thousands of trainer candidates.”

This situation caused Vince to seek an alternative solution within Xponential Fitness’s network of approved vendors. He hoped to find an ATS that would be easily customizable and capable of scaling to accommodate the increasing number of franchisees. Additionally, because Rumble Boxing required candidates to submit an audition video, Vince wanted the ability to add automated emails that included a sample video with instructions explaining the interview process.

That search led him to JazzHR.

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“Right now, we have 49 operating studios with more in the pipeline. JazzHR will play a critical role in getting them open.”

Vince Pacleb, Vice President of Sales and Operations, Rumble Boxing


Recruiting Process Optimization

JazzHR is an ATS that scales to find and hire the right talent. With JazzHR, recruiters enjoy an effortlessly streamlined recruiting solution that supports candidate sourcing, interviewing, compliance, and reporting.

Because Vince’s team supports franchisees as they ramp up operations and navigate a complex hiring process with many moving parts, he started recommending the franchisees utilize JazzHR. To simplify the process for each franchisee, Vince created templates for job descriptions and workflows that can be modified for each market and studio.

“The JazzHR team is a critical part of our business structure and is heavily involved in our processes,” said Vince. “They play a dominant role on the education and experience side of staffing trainers delivering the product inside the studios.”

Each new Rumble Boxing franchisee is eligible to receive onboarding services directly from the JazzHR team. The team ensures the franchisees’ JazzHR account is equipped with the approved workflows, automation, questionnaires, task creations, and templates that Vince creates. The team also provides franchisees with training resources to make sure they are set up for success.

Now that JazzHR is an integral part of Rumble Boxing’s operations, franchisees enjoy a much smoother hiring experience.

“Our number one priority is to support our franchisees with their applicant flow. And I believe the easy-to-use JazzHR solution does an excellent job helping us do that,” said Vince.


Growth Supported by a Scalable Platform

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Saved Time with Automated Workflows

By automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks with automated workflow helpers in its hiring process, Rumble Boxing and its franchisees were able to streamline their recruitment efforts, reduce the risk of human error, and allocate resources more effectively. This enabled decision-makers to focus on strategic tasks like candidate engagement and talent acquisition.

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Growth Supported by a Scalable Platform

The high scalability of the JazzHR platform enables Rumble Boxing to successfully manage its rapid growth and expansion into new markets, reviewing more than 2,000 resumes and hiring more than 125 staff members.

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Increased Productivity through Payroll Integration

JazzHR integrates with many technology and human resources partners, including Paychex. That integration proved invaluable for Rumble Boxing, enabling a seamless connection between the recruitment process and payroll management.

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Ongoing Support and Training

Each new franchisee receives in-depth recruitment training from Vince’s team. As a part of that training, the JazzHR team plays an active role in both helping franchises get acquainted with the platform and supporting the customization of workflows.

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About JazzHR

JazzHR is powerful and affordable recruiting software that is purpose-built to help growing SMBs exceed their recruiting goals. JazzHR’s groundbreaking software replaces time-consuming, manual hiring processes with an intuitive applicant tracking system that helps recruiters and hiring managers build an effective recruiting process that results in great hires.