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The Challenge

Accommodating Peculiarities

Signal 88 prides itself on a recruiting philosophy that focuses on creating a powerful brand experience that attracts dedicated security officers from a variety of backgrounds, including law enforcement and the military. In addition to the Franchise Group’s recruiting best practices and policies, each franchise has its own unique hiring workflow.

In the past, Signal 88 relied on a centralized applicant tracking system (ATS) shared among all franchisees. However, the system was unable to accommodate
the many peculiarities inherent in a global recruiting environment. Every franchise owner had the autonomy to establish his or her own hiring practices and workflows. A centralized ATS simply did not offer the flexibility Signal 88 franchisees required to fully optimize their processes. Furthermore, the original ATS Signal 88 was leveraging was clunky and had a steep learning curve. New franchise owners often struggled to learn the system. In a franchise business model, slow growth leads to stagnation, so it was imperative that Signal 88 find a solution that enabled franchise owners to get off the ground quickly and easily.


The Solution

JazzHR Recruiting Software

Signal 88 began working with JazzHR in August 2017 and formally rolled out the platform to all franchises in October 2017. Previously hamstrung by an unintuitive ATS with forced centralization, Signal 88 immediately saw the benefits of JazzHR’s customization options.

All franchise owners can fully configure their instance of JazzHR to reflect their unique hiring process, while benefiting from access to standardized, recommended procedures. This way, franchise stakeholders can start from a place of knowledge and make adjustments according to their specific needs. The JazzHR platform is also much easier to initialize, allowing new franchises to get up and running within less than a week.

Importantly, JazzHR offers flexible plans that allow franchise owners to purchase the functionality they need at an affordable price. As each franchise grows and its needs change, stakeholders can upgrade their instance of JazzHR to gain more advanced tools.

Likewise, JazzHR empowers both data-driven and task- driven stakeholders, allowing easy analysis of recruiting information on the one hand, and supporting job posting and communication on the other.

“JazzHR has helped Signal 88 streamline recruitment processes, improve the candidate experience and significantly increase the quality of our hires.” – Rachelle Benson, Director of Human Resources, Signal 88


Flexible Hiring

With JazzHR, the Signal 88 Franchise Group was able to establish a standard, branded setup with defined processes, job descriptions and careers pages to help new franchisees get moving quickly. Data analysts can leverage the candidate pipeline conversion and speed to aid in tracking key performance indicators such as employee retention, turnover rate and time-to-hire. Meanwhile, recruiters can interact with a user-friendly interface to quickly post new jobs, screen candidates in the pipeline and create feedback logs. With this new system in place, Signal 88 has been able to achieve many recruitment goals that were previously unattainable. The brand strives for a consistent 30 day time-to-fill rate as well as a maximum of 24 hours between candidate contacts. As each franchise grows, and the franchise network itself expands on a global scale, stakeholders are able to easily build new processes based on program performance data. Currently, the Signal 88 Franchise Group is piloting a new program in which the group owns the early stages of the hiring process to improve KPIs. So far, the organization has seen fantastic results. Preliminary results show measurable improvement, including: Reducing processing time from when application is received to the time an interview date is confirmed from the current average of 8.5 days to as few as 3 days in some cases, 39% of applicants auto-rejected with JazzHR’s customizable screening features, 70% of candidates screened over the phone qualify for interviews, and 68% of qualified candidates are hired after an in-person interview. JazzHR also gives hiring managers the ability to log notes and feedback within a discussion tab, to access interview guides, to share feedback with other stakeholders and to coordinate tasks among team members. This program is intended to create an efficient, quality brand experience to support the ultimate goal of improving officer-brand experience and employee retention across the company’s network.