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The Challenge

Slow Time To Hire

Recruiting has always been important at Oberg. Historically, however, it’s also been a major pain point. The problem was that the company only had one recruiter on staff who was responsible for meeting the hiring needs of a more than 750-person global business. Given the extreme workload that recruiter faced, it’s not surprising that hiring was often a painfully slow process.

While only having one person to source and review candidate applications was certainly problematic, other processes were also outdated. Oberg still relied on paper applications that had to be faxed or mailed in and processed by hand. Plus, it tracked all of its hiring data in an Excel spreadsheet. Highly manual processes like these were slow and led to dissatisfaction both among hiring managers and with candidates.

For hiring managers it meant long delays between initiating searches and filling open positions. annually sharing resumes and candidate feedback was such a hassle T was the hiring process . Many great candidates ultimately wound up accepting jobs at other companies because the hiring process at Oberg simply took too long. Realizing that the company had a major issue on its hands, Oberg started looking for a better approach to recruiting.


The Solution

Oberg Meets JazzHR

In 2015, Oberg’s HR team began looking at applicant tracking systems (ATS) to help solve its recruiting . They knew that a good ATS would automate and streamline much of the recruiting process, allowing things to run faster and more smoothly at every step along the way.

After considering a variety of vendors, the team ultimately landed on JazzHR. Not only had the software come highly recommended, what helped seal the deal was JazzHR’s very hands-on approach combined with its of continuous training and improvements.

After a quick and easy implementation, the Oberg team started taking advantage of JazzHR’s webinars and training programs to get up to speed on the new software. It wasn’t long before JazzHR had helped resolve all of Oberg’s recruiting pain points.

Today, everyone at Oberg is a lot happier about recruiting. Using an ATS has brought a lot of advantages. witching to electronic applications has made managing and reviewing them a and easier process. It has also made the company’s hiring managers happy because they can now interact with candidate profiles online, leaving feedback in one convenient place. And, of course, the candidates appreciate being able to apply electronically. The fact that they now receive timely feedback via email, which helps keep them engaged throughout the hiring process, has also been key.

Perhaps most important of all, the company is no longer because its hiring process isn’t quick enough.
In fact, Oberg has reduced its hiring times dramatically. Positions that used to take up to anywhere from 60 to 150 days to fill are now being in half that time.

Oberg has also been able to translate that time savings into some pretty positive changes to the overall candidate experience he company has completely revamped its approach to onboarding. While onboarding had previously been little more than a formality, today it’s a two-day program of training and need-to-know learning that’s reinforced with critical touch points throughout the course of a year.

“We’ve cut our time to hire in half since we started using JazzHR and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Meighan Pallone, HR Generalist, Oberg Industries


Modern, Efficient Recruiting

Among Oberg’s favorite aspects of JazzHR, include the transparency it brings to the recruiting process. The company is now able to easily track their progress throughout hiring process. Oberg also loves having on centralized online system where everyone can access it. Last but not least, the team has been impressed by just how easily they can tap into help when they need it. They appreciate knowing that they can call, email or message JazzHR with questions and that they’ll get a prompt, thoughtful response from a real person. For Oberg, making the move to JazzHR has been a huge triumph and one that has helped the company become much more efficient and effective at hiring. As the company continues to grow, having that capability is going to pay significant dividends.