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The Challenge

Inbox Recruiting

Undelivered emails and stacks of resumes were constant roadblocks for KTA’s VP of Human Resources, Wendy Dameron. The company’s inbox based recruiting structure made communication difficult and led to slow responses and wasted time. After nearly 20 years at the company, Wendy was ready to modernize the hiring process.


The Solution

HR Technology

Wendy wasn’t actively searching for a recruiting platform, but JazzHR caught her eye at an HR conference. When she saw that it would address her ongoing communication issues, she decided on a whim to implement the system. “It looked reasonable, so I thought I’d give it a try,” recalls Wendy. “And it just worked for us, JazzHR was a perfect fit.”

“It literally takes five minutes to explain to a new hiring manager how to use JazzHR. My team loves it!”

– WENDY DAMERON VP, Human Resources, KTA Tator, Inc.


Efficiency and Candidate Experience

Just as Wendy expected, JazzHR solved her communication issues. Thanks to JazzHR's powerful applicant tracking system, she's cut candidate response times from several days to just a few short hours. But the biggest return for Wendy lies in the training time saved. "It literally takes five minutes to explain to a new hiring manager how to use JazzHR, and my entire teams loves it," said Wendy. She's also thrilled with customer perks like free training modules and webinars that help her train her team without expending more of her own valuable time. "The webinars are fantastic," confirms KTA's HR Specialist, Kim Rogers. "because they're filled with valuable information like features and recruiting best practices." Kim, like Wendy, also believes JazzHR is essential to getting her job done. "I couldn't imagine doing what I do without JazzHR," she said.