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10 Tips to Effortlessly Streamline the Candidate Sourcing Process


Guest post by Terkel.

What is one tip you have for talent acquisition teams to effortlessly streamline the candidate sourcing process?

To help you effortlessly optimize the candidate sourcing process, we asked HR specialists, recruiting professionals, and business leaders this question for their insights. From using technology to building quality relationships, there are several ways to efficiently find the right candidate for your open positions.

Here are 10 tips to streamline the candidate sourcing process:

  • Use Technology
  • Create the Right Landing Pages
  • Improve the Timeline
  • Attract With Mentorship Opportunities
  • Build Quality Relationships
  • Ask Questions Ahead of Time
  • Post Ads on Multiple Job Boards
  • Reduce Touchpoints
  • Use ATS Tools
  • Do Direct Candidate Outreach

Upgrade Your HR Tech Stack

This is a great question. As CEO of a company that reviews HR tech software, I can tell you that improving your HR tech stack is the best way to streamline your candidate sourcing process.

One of the simplest solutions is to implement an AI chatbot on your recruitment page. This will help you to filter out some applicants that require certain benefits or schedules that you don’t support. If you can get them the answers to these questions before they submit an application, you save time for everyone involved.

The next step is to implement an applicant management system. This will help you convert resumes and applications to actionable data. This data can also help you determine which candidate sources give you the best quality candidates. Focusing on a single source will help you devote resources in the best way.

Create the Right Landing Pages

Create one landing page with the applicant tracking system (ATS) input form or any other type of data collection tool and promote that across job portals, social media, and internal references. This page should be optimized for different devices and screen sizes, alongside having a simple user interface.

This will ensure that all sources of applicants eventually reach that single point of entry and their data is collected in a standardized and consistent manner.

Improve the Timeline

You should measure the time it takes to hire someone and make changes accordingly if it takes too long. A lengthy hiring process can result in HR departments losing out on qualified candidates to other companies.

You need to know who and what you are looking for in a candidate, and then tailor your procedures to fit those parameters. Implementing pre-screening through online surveys is a great way to shorten the process and ensure a smaller, more qualified pool of candidates.

Attract With Mentorship Opportunities

Mentoring helps attract the best and the brightest talent. Social networking sites like Student Doctors Network and Doctors Hangout enable student doctors and nurses to receive advice and assistance through all phases of their studies.

And for healthcare professionals in private practice, these sites provide opportunities to mentor future workers. And it also allows you to identify top talent you may want to recruit in the future.

Build Quality Relationships

You’ll want to keep in touch with top candidates for potential opportunities, especially for a small business. For qualified talent you don’t want to lose, consider meeting with them informally every so often. Then, once you do have open positions for these prospective applicants, they’ll remember the effort you put into building the relationship and be more interested in applying.

By thinking creatively with your hiring efforts, you can set your team up for success now and in the future. This potentially leads to building stronger relationships and keeps trust high.

Ask Questions Ahead of Time

Take a look at the way potential candidates are pre-screened. Offering them an online questionnaire or survey ahead of time can help you weed out candidates who might not be a good fit. This will also save time because you’ll be able to narrow down the list of applicants before you take the time to interview them. You can also automate the online questions to save your talent acquisition teams even more time.

Post Ads on Multiple Job Boards

One of my personal favorites when it comes to candidate sourcing is the ability to post the same ad across multiple job boards in one click.

I love this feature, which in my opinion, should always be part of any HR software platform worth its salt.

The ability to cherry-pick the sites where the job posting appears is a tremendous time-saver. Furthermore, if done wisely, it can also be used as an excellent way to boost the quality of the applicant pool.

All in all, I highly recommend this nifty feature that makes the process of casting a wider net quick and easy so that you can focus on more productive endeavors than posting the same job ad across each site.

Reduce Touchpoints

Not only will simplifying the process help you, but it’ll also engage the candidate. Look at the number of touchpoints and requests for information and try to streamline and reduce them. It’ll make your life easier and the candidate happier.

Use ATS Tools

Just like any trade, you have specialized tools to do the job at hand. A carpenter does not rely on his hammer to do his job but uses it to create something great. The ATS should be used in the same way. Do not rely on your ATS to source, screen, and hire candidates. Use it to create a human connection — the greatest tool any recruiter can use!

Do Direct Candidate Outreach

You must be proactive. Any companies that are posting jobs and waiting to be reactive will be left behind in today’s market. Instead of waiting for active candidates to come to you, the best companies are reaching out directly to passive candidates and doing their best to engage them with an appealing value proposition for their careers.

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