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Advanced Visual Reporting: A New Talent Analytics Experience


With an applicant tracking system (ATS) in your HR department’s tech stack, leveraging intuitive talent analytics ensures your hiring team can better understand the state of your recruiting efforts and garner insights related to your hiring processes that foster tangible improvements.

  • The good news for SMB talent teams with JazzHR as their primary ATS solution?

Our small business recruitment software now offers more robust talent analytics that can be used to both eliminate hiring teams’ reliance on manual data collection in external spreadsheets and ensure they can glean actionable insights with their data in a quicker, more streamlined manner.

Introducing Advanced Visual Reporting (AVR).

JazzHR Advanced Visual Reporting Source Quality

Get to know Advanced Visual Reporting, our revamped talent analytics tool for small businesses like yours

In-depth yet easy-to-understand tables, charts, and graphs that reveal insights into historical and ongoing recruiting progress and help HR pros learn how they can improve their candidate sourcing, recruitment marketing, talent nurturing, and interviewing efforts.

That is what modern SMB talent teams, including yours, need to succeed and better compete for qualified candidates today. And that’s exactly what you get with Advanced Visual Reporting.

Our previous analytics suite offered useful data tied to the talent acquisition process that allowed SMBs to take the appropriate actions that improved their hiring decision-making and collaboration.

  • Now, Advanced Visual Reporting goes a level deeper.

“Even though small businesses may not use data and analytics to the same depth as enterprises, having access to intuitively uncover insights in their hiring process isn’t just beneficial — it’s essential,” said Employ Product Marketing Manager Corey Long. “Without this analytical edge, SMBs risk falling behind, missing out on top talent, and potentially making costly hiring mistakes.

“By integrating Advanced Visual Reporting from JazzHR, your SMB can equip itself with the power of data-driven decision-making in order to reach both your short and long-term growth goals.”

In short, with our new interactive talent analytics experience, your hiring team can easily:

See which and how many candidates are in each recruiting stage

Old-school applicant trackers offer bare-bones data that doesn’t update in real-time. (If they even offer talent analytics at all.) With JazzHR, though, your human resources team can see where currently engaged candidates “reside,” so to speak, in your recruiters’ collective talent pipeline.

That means you do’t have to spend hours cobbling together different data sets from multiple analytics tools just to see which recruiting funnel stages (i.e., Applied, Contacted, Screened, Interviewing, Offer Extended) an active candidate is currently in.

Rather, AVR provides a complete view that shows how many total job seekers are in each stage. It also helps recruiters determine if they need to take a specific action to move a prospect from one stage to the next (e.g., schedule an initial panel interview, follow up to a nurture email reply).

talent analytics

View robust reports tied to Sources, Workflows, and Timing

On top of providing real-time pipeline updates, AVR also offers intuitive, data-rich visuals tied to:

  • Sources: Learn which specific sourcing avenues help you get high-quality candidates to apply for open roles and find passive prospects whose background and expertise fit the bill for openings. (“Quality” is basically based on how far into the hiring cycle a given job seeker advances.)
  • Workflows: JazzHR customers set up unique workflows for different roles, teams, and/or locations, given the recruiting process tends to feature distinct stages and interviews based on the parameters of a given position or team’s hiring needs. With this report, hiring managers and requisition owners can see how candidates progress through each hiring workflow.
  • Timing: Find out how long it typically takes your team to hire top talent from the moment they apply or are proactively engaged for an open position to when they sign an offer letter.

Your HR team likely has a workforce analytics function that uses human capital management software to identify top performers and boost employee engagement. Similarly, you need to assess HR analytics in a leading ATS to make better business decisions tied to your recruiting.

By doing so, your team can become talent analytics leaders who make increasingly smarter hiring decisions

Use granular filters to dive deep into real-time recruiting data

Our unique form of talent analytics also empowers SMBs to “drill down” into data related to:

  • Previously and currently engaged candidates
  • The status of past and active recruiting processes for certain openings
  • The efficiency of each hiring workflow to ensure jobs are being filled speedily

Regarding this latter AVR filter type, JazzHR customers can get an in-depth look at the entire end-to-end recruitment process for past requisitions to see the average time to hire and fill over a given time frame (e.g., the last month, six months, or year, or even custom date ranges).

This helps HR teams with our ATS identify fast and slow hiring cycles — and learn how to fix the latter.

JazzHR Advanced Visual Reporting Candidate Pipeline

How your SMB recruiting team can take advantage of our enhanced talent analytics solution

Those are the core use cases for Advanced Visual Reporting. The pros of AVR are fairly straightforward. With our out-of-the-box talent analytics for SMBs, your entire HR and hiring team can:

  • Create a culture of data transparency and collaboration to modernize your hiring
  • Leverage an easy-to-navigate user interface to discover data in a matter of seconds
  • Determine which open requisitions require the most attention by your recruiters
  • View recruiting and hiring performance data by job, team, and location with ease
  • Ensure you fill critical roles “intelligently” (i.e., in a timely and efficient manner)
  • Pinpoint recruiting delays and bottlenecks that can inform hiring process changes
  • Centralize all your candidate data — and move away from manual data-tracking
  • Share reports with key hiring stakeholders to provide recruitment strategy visibility

Simply put, having leading ATS in your HR tech stack is essential to track your progress with achieving workforce planning goals and ensuring your daily recruiting tasks are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible and boost hiring team collaboration.

And a talent analytics solution like Advanced Visual Reporting is just as vital to your SMB’s long-term success, given the rich, real-time recruiting insights it produces for your company.

Take the tour of Advanced Visual Reporting and the rest of our top-rated ATS today. Schedule a custom demo with our team to learn how JazzHR can help you build a data-driven hiring strategy.

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