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The Challenge

1 Recruiter, 100 New Employees

Following a recent acquisition, IMG experienced an influx of new business. To keep up with growth, the company needed to recruit 100 top-performing employees in less than one year. “I knew it was possible, but we needed to find a more efficient hiring process,” explained Hwan Hill, Head of Talent Acquisition at IMG. What’s more, many of IMG’s open positions required hiring teams to be heavily involved in the recruiting process. “We needed to fill some very specialized positions, so we wanted to vet every candidate ourselves and keep internal teams very involved,” said Hill.


The Solution

An Acquisition Partner

With hefty recruiting goals on the road map, Hill began researching prospective recruiting solutions with the hopes of finding a solid acquisition partner.

Hill settles on JazzHR and hasn’t looked back since. “We chose JazzHR because we wanted to hire the right people to help our company grow,” said Hill. “It continues to be an integral partner as we expand into new global markets.”

In addition to savings from JazzHR, Hill says the greatest benefit of the system is the customer success team. “The support has been phenomenal, said Hill. “Working with my account manager and the technical support reps has been by far the best experience I’ve ever had with a vendor.” That support was essential for Hill and IMG, both newcomers to formalized recruiting processes and technology.


Streamlined Hiring

By adopting JazzHR's sleek sourcing technology, Hill was able to meet his goal and hire 100 hires in less than a year's time. In addition, Hill was able to cut his personal investment in recruiting time by 60%, save 35% of the company's time and accelerated the end-to-end hiring process by 80%. "In just three months, we've already recouped the JazzHR purchase price, it's been incredible," said Hill.