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The Challenge

Fixing An Out Of Date Hiring Process

Prior to partnering with JazzHR, MCG’s recruiting process was manual, inefficient and antiquated. Their HR team posted jobs one-by-one on the MCG website and collected candidate information through a static application form. To reach additional candidates, the MCG team utilized costly and unreliable job posting services that operated on hard to-manage, pay-per-click methods. Without a central location for candidate feedback, stakeholders were forced to share their thoughts on printed resumes and email threads.

These time consuming inefficiencies were especially impactful during the interview process when coordinating candidate schedules often took longer than the interview itself. Once the MCG team did decide on a candidate, new hires were forced to manually complete multiple onboarding documents, ultimately delaying MCG’s time-to-hire and onboarding process as a whole.

After MCG’s HR Coordinator left the company in early 2018, HR Manager Barbara Hass became a team of one, independently managing an outdated and ineffective recruiting process. To remain competitive in today’s labor market, Barbara needed to fully streamline MCG’s hiring processes and improve the candidate experience with an affordable solution.


The Solution

JazzHR Recruiting Software

In April 2018, MCG partnered with JazzHR to overhaul their hiring process with automation and centralization. Barbara uses JazzHR’s robust suite of job-posting tools and partners to post open positions quickly and easily to over a dozen job boards and MCG’s website simultaneously. Workflow templates provide structure and consistency as candidates move through the process, while JazzHR’s dashboard allows Barbara to easily communicate with candidates and hiring managers.

Barbara and her team have leveraged JazzHR to streamline every stage in the process. Rather than sending individual rejection letters to candidates who aren’t right for the job, they use the Bulk Actions feature to close the loop all at once. To accelerate their onboarding process and improve the candidate experience, MCG also utilizes JazzHR’s eSignatures. Barbara can now send and store signed offer letters and onboarding paperwork directly in JazzHR, allowing her to access them anytime from one convenient location


Better Hiring

Since streamlining their recruiting with JazzHR, MCG has hired 22 employees and seven interns, all while saving an estimated $50,000 in its first year of use. Thanks to JazzHR’s powerful automation, Barbara has been able to independently manage their processes without having to hire another HR Coordinator. Besides accelerating internal processes, JazzHR’s ease of use has also greatly improved the candidate experience. By reducing response times, closing the loop sooner through rejection letters and digitizing onboarding paperwork. MCG new hires save an average of three hours on their first day. “JazzHR, and specifically its eSignatures feature, allowed me to manage the onboarding process without another teammate, and it’s made us all more efficient and aligned,” Barbara noted. JazzHR has improved MCG’s ability to identify qualified candidates, communicate with them easily and develop strong relationships faster. Combined with cost savings, these benefits allow MCG to not only continue its mission of excellence, but to more effectively impact local communities in a positive way.