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Setting Your Hiring Team Up for Success: A Guide


Small business leaders have a lot on their plate today. From focusing on generating sales and business growth, to headcount planning, to tracking team goals and employee well-being, there is no end to their responsibilities.

  • One business area some small business owners likely don’t spend enough time, resources, and energy on as they could is their hiring team’s recruiting technology stack.

“There are so many innovative tools and techniques that can advance recruiters through every step of the hiring process, yet I still come across so many manual processes,” Boston Consulting Group Global Head of Talent & Recruiting Amber Grewal shared with People Managing People.

Aside from putting the right people in place to own their recruitment processes, the best way small business leaders can empower hiring team members to work smarter is to give them a best-in-class hiring solution that can replace manual spreadsheets and disconnected tools.

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5 ways to empower your small business hiring team today

Providing your hiring team with the right technology is just one of several ways your small business leadership can set your HR personnel and hiring managers up for success daily.

Here are five expert tips and tricks that can ensure your hiring team has everything they need to attract, engage, and interview top talent for open positions quickly and efficiently.

1) Define clear roles and responsibilities for the entire hiring team

You may have one or two dedicated human resources team members to handle hiring tasks. Or maybe you have HR generalists who divide and conquer all recruiting activities.

Regardless of your specific hiring team setup, you can ensure everyone on the hiring team knows their distinct duties and what success looks like in their day-to-day and long-term by:

  • Designating a hiring team leader who can assign roles based on other recruiters’ experience
  • Providing training to help team members better understand the ins and outs of recruiting
  • Encourage knowledge sharing so everyone can write interview questions and job descriptions

As an SMB leader, you can’t be everywhere all the time. That makes delegation vital to recruitment success.

Finding the right, long-term hiring team leader can be the difference between regularly hitting headcount goals and losing out on top talent due to inefficient processes and management.

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2) Set aside budget for a leading applicant tracking system (ATS)

Before your hiring team starts to research ATS options, they need to know how much they can spend on the solution. This can prevent them from considering options that are outside your budget.

The best way to decide on the ideal price point for a small business applicant tracking system is to factor the investment in your annual business plan and audit your current recruiting tech.

To learn which existing recruiting tools you should get rid of in favor of an ATS, ask yourself whether given solutions in your tech stack save your team time or prevent them from moving quickly.

Any system that streamlines your hiring process can stay. Any platform that slows you down can likely go.

3) Help your hiring team connect critical tools to the ATS solution

Your hiring team has shortlisted ATS options and spoken with you and other decision-makers at your SMB. A top-rated, easy-to-use applicant tracking system is now included in your HR tech stack.

If you’ve invested in a powerful small business recruiting software provider, like JazzHR, you know you can connect other popular hiring tech you keep directly to the ATS in minutes. For example, with our solution you can help your hiring team sync core HR tools included in the JazzHR Marketplace.

That means you can integrate tech that helps you carry out background and reference checks, share pre-employment assessments, conduct video interviews, and execute several other daily tasks.

  • Just as importantly, you can connect popular job boards and aggregators to JazzHR.

Once set up, your hiring team can use our one-click posting functionality to streamline posting publication and promotion — an activity that typically takes a lot of time to complete for each open role.

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4) Check on recruiting and hiring progress, and ask about concerns

Make sure to touch base with your hiring team regularly to see what they’re working on. Learn about big wins and opportunities tied to their daily work.

A great way to catch up on the progress they make every week or two and with specific requisitions is to request and review the latest recruiting performance data.

You can also connect JazzHR to workforce management technology so you can track quality-of-hire data that shows how productive new hires have been.

JazzHR reports can be scheduled to be sent to your inbox on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. After analyzing them, you can see if your recruiters and hiring managers need any support.

5) Ask each hiring team member how you can better support them

Speaking of support, this tip is fairly simple. Just be there to assist your hiring team as needed.

You may not be able to check in with HR specialists and hiring managers daily. However, connecting with them weekly can show you’re committed to providing them with the resources and technology they need to attract and engage top talent effectively and streamline repetitive and manual tasks.

Make smarter and faster hiring decisions with JazzHR, purpose-built small business recruitment software. Schedule a custom demo today to discover the power of our applicant tracking system.

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