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The Challenge

Accommodating Peculiarities

In the summer of 2018, AVIAN stakeholders determined that their existing applicant tracking system (ATS) was not meeting their organization’s needs. The existing software was clunky, unintuitive and cumbersome when it came to moving data from one system to another.

In addition to needing more robust applicant tracking capabilities, AVIAN also required a solution that could integrate seamlessly with its human resources information system (HRIS). With hiring managers distributed across the country, the AVIAN team also needed a solution with easy-to-use communication functionalities. Overall, the AVIAN team wanted an ATS solution flexible enough to grow with their organization and supported by a responsive account manager.



The Solution

JazzHR Recruiting Software

AVIAN entered into a partnership with JazzHR during the summer of 2018 and quickly achieved
a 100% adoption rate amongst its hiring managers.

Throughout the year, AVIAN’s hiring velocity fluctuates as government contract positions became available. Thanks to JazzHR’s focus on usability, the team made the transition to the new system with little disruption to their normal processes and the established pace of recruiting.

Requirements for government contract positions can vary greatly, so JazzHR gives hiring managers the ability to fully customize job applications for different positions. Plus, stakeholders can see the complete picture of each candidate from the Candidate Profile.

The hiring managers at AVIAN leverage JazzHR’s eDocuments functionality to ensure compliance with all government contractor requirements.

This feature allows stakeholders to send essential documents, request signatures and verify that all new hire paperwork has been completed accurately.

To gain more flexibility from the solution, AVIAN uses JazzHR’s custom Job Link feature to direct applicants from external channels like state and niche job boards back into JazzHR.

One of the biggest improvements made since the switch from AVIAN’s previous ATS to JazzHR is the ability to speak with a dedicated account manager who facilitates processes and sends feedback to

JazzHR’s product team. Specifically, JazzHR’s Dedicated Account Management service has helped AVIAN by:

  • Optimizing workflows and driving utilization with a guided implementation process.
  • Connecting with the support team via live chat to solve immediate issues.
  • Submitting feature requests on behalf of AVIAN stakeholders, saving 1-2 hours per week.
  • Offering consistent updates on feature releases and improvements.
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Better Hiring

Since partnering with JazzHR, AVIAN has made more than 60 hires with the ATS, filling 20 positions in Q1 2019 alone. Currently, the organization holds phone screening interviews every business day and conducts interviews three days per week. Additionally, AVIAN has streamlined its workflow by easily integrating JazzHR with their HRIS: "The ADP integration quickly allows us to export hires into the HRIS to complete the onboarding process. It currently takes almost no time at all, and we imagine it could take between 20-30 minutes per hire if we had to do this manually. We also love that it helps reduce human error because we are essentially exporting information that the candidate has provided in their job application, which lessens the chance of entering their information incorrectly." JazzHR saves AVIAN’s HR stakeholders hours of manual work every week by automating workflows and making it simple to request new features. AVIAN trusts JazzHR to take care of the important yet monotonous work that comes with hiring, so AVIAN can continue to grow and succeed.