Hiring Manager Training

Hiring Managers lead the process of finding the best-fit candidate for each open role. Learn how to use JazzHR to optimize your process at each stage and find the right person faster.

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HR Manager

The HR Manager of the Future: Skills to Develop for 2021

Download our guide to uncover the skills you need to effectively lead your organization through the biggest HR priorities of the coming year.

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Interview Guides

Hiring Managers play a key role in facilitating team feedback and discussion around each candidate. Learn how to centralize your and your team’s feedback during the interview process, in particular.

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HR Statistics

The 8 Most Important Interview Statistics Review Your Process (and How to Act on Them)

To find and secure the new wave of talent, you need to build an effective interviewing process. Here are some key statistics to help you do just that.

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Creating a Best-In-Class Interview Strategy

Creating a Best-In-Class Interview Strategy

83% of candidates say that an unimpressive interview can change their mind about the job and the employer. Hear from experts with JazzHR and Calendly on how to create a best-in-class interview experience.

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