Creating a Job

Posting a job is the first step to making the right hire. Create a high-quality job that attracts relevant candidates in just a few clicks with JazzHR’s streamlined process.

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Writing Job Descriptions

Writing a Job Description in 2021

Learn how to craft a posting that aligns with job seekers’ top priorities.

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JazzHR Add-On Feature - Career Page Customization

Enhanced Job Creation

Learn how to make the most out of our streamlined job-creation process.

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Job Description Library

Job Description Library

Choose from 50 expert-approved descriptions to craft a quality job description fast.

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Customizing a Job

Your open roles are unique, which is why we make it easy to customize your job in JazzHR. Personalize your job’s application, Workflow, visibility, and more.

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tone the core of your hiring process

Pure Barre Kicks Recruiting into High Gear

Learn how one JazzHR customer personalized their job postings to accelerate their entire screening process.

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knockout questions
Inside JazzHR

Knockout Questions: A JazzHR Time-Saving Feature

Learn about JazzHR's Knockout Questions - what they are, how to use them, and how much time you'll save by employing them into your recruiting process.
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Promoting a Job

Once you’ve customized your posting, it’s time to get it in front of job seekers. Choose from 40+ integrated job boards right within JazzHR to reach the right audience in just a few clicks.

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The 2021 Sourcing Strategy Guide
The 2021 Sourcing Strategy Guide

Learn about the latest sourcing trends to master your 2021 strategy.

Let JazzHR experts guide you in understanding how to adjust your sourcing strategy based on the latest current events.

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