Choosing a Recruiting Role

A collaborative recruiting process saves time, improves the candidate experience, and reduces unconscious bias. Use JazzHR’s Recruiting Roles to give each person the right level of access to your JazzHR account.

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Roles and Privileges
Deep Dive Webinar

Manage Your Team with JazzHR's Roles and Privileges

Learn from JazzHR experts on facilitating a collaborative hiring process in JazzHR. Learn how the right roles and privileges can ensure your team has the best level of access to participate in JazzHR.

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Add Your Team

Once you’ve decided which Recruiting Role is best for each team member, it’s time to build hiring teams for each job. Learn how easy it is to choose a Hiring Manager and hiring team members in JazzHR.

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Collaborative Hiring

Collaborative Hiring in JazzHR

A collaborative recruitment process—one that involves both HR professionals and cross-functional teams—speeds hiring, improves the candidate experience and reduces unconscious bias.

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do this not that 2
Hiring Strategy

Do This Not That: The Hiring Team

The second in JazzHR's "Do This, Not That" series - learn what to (and not to do) during candidate engagement to ensure a postitive experience.
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Create Job Approvals

Creating a high-quality job is often a team effort. Delegate and collaborate on this process with JazzHR’s Job Approvals. Learn how to easily get input from other stakeholders on roles before opening them to applicants right from JazzHR.

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Introducing Job Approvals
Deep Dive Webinar

Introducing Job Approvals

Learn from JazzHR experts about how JazzHR Job Approvals can help your team foster communication and support across all parts of the business.

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Generate Referrals

The best quality hires often come from current employees. Learn how your team can request and track referrals right from JazzHR to leverage current employees’ networks.

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Source Candidates

Simple Sourcing: Boost Referrals in JazzHR

Learn how to use JazzHR’s Referral feature to source high-quality candidates fast.

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Referral Program

How to Build a Referral Program That Works

Learn best practices for building an effective employee referral program to reach high-quality candidates.

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