There’s no one-size-fits-all way to hire. Use JazzHR’s Workflows to build a customizable foundation for your recruiting process. Create stages for candidates to move through for an organized, streamlined hiring experience.

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Mastering Your Workflows

Learn from JazzHR experts on maintaining your Workflows through collaboration to exceed your recruiting goals.

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Workflow Helpers

Reaching the right candidate fast is key to recruiting competitively. Use JazzHR’s Workflow Helpers to automate tasks, communications, and more as you move candidates through your Workflow stages.

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The High-Volume Hiring Toolkit: Maintaining Quality as You Scale

Learn how to use automation like Workflow Helpers to reach high-quality candidates fast.

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Case Study
High Volume Hiring

Solis Mammography Masters High-Volume Hiring

Learn how one JazzHR customer keeps up with high-volume healthcare hiring needs through Workflow Helpers.

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